ADDU University Catering Services Accreditation & Monitoring (UCSAM) Team)

Atty. Niceforo Villafuerte Solis, Jr.
Office of the President
Ateneo de Davao University
E. Jacinto St., 8016 Davao City
Tel. No. +63 (82) 221.2411 local 8201

University Catering Services and Monitoring Team
Effective 4 October 2014

  1. Atty. Manuel Quibod, member (College of Law)
  2. Ms. Alma Bartolata, member (High School)
  3. Ms. Fe Bagajo, member (Microbiologist)
  4. Ms. Alma Cabajes, member (Food Technologist/ Microbiologist)
  5. Ms. Rowena De Jesus, member (College)
  6. Mr. Demi Gabisan, member (Bio Department)
  7. Ms. Mary Ann Estoque, member (Grade School)
  8. Atty. Niceforo Villafuerte Solis, Jr., Chairperson (HRMDO)

Application Requirements


Manifest for catering service

Evaluation Form for Catering Service

LEANDRO’S SPECIALTIES AND CATERING SERVICES Ma. Leticia F. Salvador(e-mail: Letlet 222-5578;
#5 Coral St., Marfori Heights, Davao City
LEVEL 4 (Maximum 1500; buffet and packed)
Hazel Lopeze-mail:
16 Diamond St., Pag-ibig Heights, Catalunan Grande, Davao City
LEVEL 3 (Maximum 500; buffet and packed)
MTC Rebosura Ma. Teresa C. Rebosura 0933-2329296;
LEVEL 3 (Maximum 500;
buffet and packed)
T’COY’S KAINAN SA JACINTO Vichelm N. Malubaye-mail: 0922-2049791;
Block 4, Talusa, Talomo, Davao City
LEVEL 2 (Maximum 300; buffet and packed)
Crust and Fillings Lourdes Leee-Mail: 0920-9247421;
LEVEL 2 (Maximum 300;
buffet and packed)
Chickie Dogs Kainan Michael Terence Baruis
Jan Kervin Aranjuez
Carmen St., Dacudao Subdivision, Bo. Obrero, Davao City
LEVEL 2 (Maximum 300; buffet and packed)
Cecils Snack Inn Evelyn Guino-o 227-5305;
2,000 pack snacks
Home Grown Marivic Pasamba 0922-8411910;
LEVEL 2 (Maximum 300; buffet and packed)

(List Updated as of 5 June 2015)

LEVEL 1 (MAXIMUM OF 100 PERSONS TO SERVE, BUFFET & PACKED);The Levels are classifications for the MAXIMUM NUMBER OF PERSONS PER EVENT that an Accredited Catering Service Provider which the UCSAM TEAM deems can EFFECTIVELY (e.g., hygienically, gustatorily, logistically, etc.) SERVE, based on the results of the several stages (a. Documentary Requirements; b. Commissary/Kitchen Visit; c. Food Tasting and Serving) of the accreditation process an Applicant went through.

The Levels are classifications for the MAXIMUM NUMBER OF PERSONS PER EVENT that an Accredited Catering Service Provider which the UCSAM TEAM deems can EFFECTIVELY (e.g., hygienically, gustatorily, logistically, etc.) SERVE, based on the results of the several stages (a. Documentary Requirements; b. Commissary/Kitchen Visit; c. Food Tasting and Serving) of the accreditation process an Applicant went through.




Note: Accreditation levels of all accredited caterers, can be upgraded, or downgraded anytime within the MOA-year,  for reasonable cause/s.



  1. Rationale1

This protocol governs the engagement of catering services by all University offices. It also expresses the procedure and guidelines for accessing and receiving catering services for the University, in compliance with existing rules and regulations as established by pertinent laws in Davao City, Region 11, and the Philippines

  1. Authority, Responsibility, and Duties

This protocol applies to all Ateneo de Davao University administrators, faculty, nonteaching staff, employees, students,  guests, sponsors engaging food caterers, on the one hand, and all the University-accredited catering service providers (ACSP) and their employees, on the other hand, during any event or function held on campus, inclusive of all university-owned and university-leased venues or property. The President’s Council is responsible for monitoring, implementation, evaluation, and possible needed evolution of this protocol

This protocol supersedes all previously published University catering service policies and procedures relative to catering services. This protocol will remain in full effect until it is modified or rescinded by the University. The University has the prerogative to amend, modify, or revise, or rescind this document and publish any changes that it deems are in the best interest of the Ateneo De Davao University and are in compliance with all existing Ateneo De Davao University policies and local, regional, and national laws.2

III. Statement of Policy3

As the University President is the official approving authority and sole signatory of all valid contracts in the name of the University, this includes valid catering contracts. The University President may authorize an administrator to approve and sign said contracts. The University Treasurer recommends contracting the catering service by way of a Purchase/Job Order. Thus, the endorsement of the Office University Treasurer is required before a purchase/ job order is approved by the University President.

If contracting party is a sponsor or guest of the University, the same contract with the ACSP will be executed but signed by the person-in-charge of the sponsoring or guest’s organization or institution.

  1. One Time Documentary Requirements from Accredited Catering Service Provider

Letter of Intent

Notarized or Certified Photocopy of:

  • 1. Business permit;
    2. Tax Identication Number Certification
    3. DTI CERTIFICATION for Single Proprietorship
    4. SEC CERTIFICATION OF REGISTRATION for Partnerships & Corporations;
    5. Income Tax Return of most recent tax year of Catering applicant (single proprietorship, or partnership, or corporation as the case may be);
    6. BIR-issued Official Receipt/Sales Invoice of the applicant ;
    7. Sanitary Permit from Davao City Health Office;
    8. Complete Menu List for all types of Meals (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snacks, etc.);
    9. Health Certificate of applicant’s Catering Service employees (fecal, urine, TB, X-ray, etc., City Health Office Food Handling Training);
    10. Certification from Department of Labor Region 11 that the Caterer has no pending Labor case;
    11. Court and Fiscal’s Clearance (Regional Court 11) certifying that the applicant Caterer has no pending Civil or Criminal case;
    12. Pictures of Caterer’s pertinent catering premises;
    13. All Other standard required documents for all Catering Service Providers in Davao City (these will be specified by the Chair of the Team).
  1. Primary Liability of Catering Service Provider for any Adverse Event

The Catering Service Provider has Primary Liability in the case of any adverse event arising from any food or service that the university has procured from it.


  1. Steps in Securing a Catering Contract

For any Office in the University to procure catering services, it is required to submit (not less than 5 working days from the scheduled date of Function/s or Event/s where catering services would be needed) the following documents:


To the Finance Office the original and 1 photocopy of

  1. (a) The Proposed Catering Budget Proposal containing:
  • ·      Actual budget per pax;
  • ·      Date(s) and Time of the University function(s) or event(s);
  • ·      Complete menu per meal or snack;
  • ·      Detailed time schedule of serving meals and snacks;
  • ·      Complete name, and contact coordinates of the preferred University-accredited catering service provider and its Proprietor;
  • ·      Specific Venue(s) of the function(s) or event(s
  1. (b) The Official List of Expected Participants for the function or event where catering services will be provided
  1. (c) For First-time Catering Service Providers a complete set of the following documents: notarized photocopy of business permit, TIN, sanitary permit, health certificates of food-handling employees, business insurance policy, and/or other standard required documents for all food catering businesses (this list thus presumes that those with already valid and incumbently existing contracts with the University has already submitted the complete set of such documents);
  1. (d) The duly filled-out official ADDU Purchase Requisition (PR) form;
  2. (e) The ADDU Official Catering Contract pre-signed by the University-accredited catering service provider (ACSP);
  • §  If the Unit Head approves the requested catering service proposal, he/she recommends the Purchase Requisition form with the attached documents detailed in (a) to the Finance Office not beyond two (2) working days after its receipt. If the proposal is disapproved by the Unit Head or is in need of revision, such must be communicated (either by phone, face-to-face, messenger, e-mail, etc.) to the concerned office.
  • §  After assessing the Purchase Requisition form, the University Treasurer endorses to the University President for approval the Purchase/ Job Order and the Catering Contract pre-signed by the provider (ACSP).
  • §  The University President either approves, or subjects to revision, or disapproves, the proposed catering request. If approved, the University President signs theCatering Contract and returns the documents to the Finance Office as it is the office that releases the Purchase/ Job Order.
  • §  The copies of approved Purchase/Job Order and signed Catering Contract are returned to the Finance Office for proper archiving by the Purchasing Officer, and for request for payment procedures.


VII. Prerogative To Rescind, Amend, Repeal, Or Suspend For Cause Any Catering Contract, And To Appoint The Substitute For Any Rescinded Or Suspended Catering Contract

The Office of the University President has the prerogative to rescind, amend, repeal, or suspend any existing contract of any accredited catering service provider for cause.  It has the prerogative in appointing the substitute provider for any rescinded or suspended catering contract.


VIII.  Maintaining A Pool Of Accredited Catering Service Providers.

The Finance Office sees to it that, subject to the valid approval of the University President, a pool of Accredited Catering Service Providers (ACSP) is maintained by the University. Any Catering Service Provider applies to the University for accreditation and is required to follow all the University’s requirements for catering service.


  1. Right To Inspection Of The Pertinent Facilities Of The Catering Service Provider By University Monitoring Team.

The University Monitoring Team is appointed by the University President and it does a semestral on-site inspection of the pertinent facilities of any catering service provider with whom it has a current contract, or for any catering service provider applying for inclusion into the pool of accredited catering service provider, or for any catering service provider negotiating for a catering contract with the University. The University reserves the right to have any inspection either announced or unannounced.


  1. Evaluation of Catering Services Provided

The University Monitoring Team is tasked, at the earliest time possible from the adaption of this protocol, to make an evaluation tool for evaluating the catering services procured by the University. The results of the eventual evaluation of the said catering services will be the primary basis for the continuation of contracting the services of any catering service provider. Evaluation of catering service providers for the regular college student retreats and recollections will be on semestral basis; for Grade School and High School retreats and recollections, evaluation will be on a quarterly basis. Evaluation of catering for other ADDU offices will be on per event basis.


  1. Participants’ Attendance and Food Tasters

The unit or office that is in-charge of the event or function must have a list of actual participants (vs expected participants) of the function or event. The unit or office also designates food taster for any catering service the University procures. The University takes responsibility for the welfare of the food taster as provided by existing labor legislation locally, regionally, and nationally.


XII. University’s Right To Redress

The Ateneo de Davao University has the prerogative to take the course of action it deems appropriate so as to seek redress for any injury inflicted on it by any party relative to its procurement of any catering service.


[1] Contents, though not all, of this Protocol has also been adopted from the Policies Manual of the Virginia State University, p. 1, Revision Date 10/31/06.