UNDERGRADUATE PROGRAMS Transfer students have unique questions and concerns. If you can’t find an answer to your questions among those sent in reply to questions posed by past transfer students, please contact us in the Office of Admission and Aid at (82) 221.2411 local 8302 or email admissions@addu.edu.ph.

1. Q: What are the requirements for Transfer Students?
A: The following are the admission requirements for Filipino transfer students:

1) Original Notice of Acceptance (NOA) from the Admission and Aid Director
2) Honorable Dismissal (plus 4 photocopies)
3) Transcript of Records (plus 4 photocopies)

4) Three Letters of Recommendation: School Head, Guidance Office and a faculty
5) Certificate of good moral character
6) NSO Authenticated Birth Certificate (plus 4 photocopies)
7) Authenticated Marriage Contract [Municipal Form 97-F.13] (for married applicants)
8) Medical Certificate from the University Clinic (plus 3 photocopies)
9) Four 1″x1″ photos
10) Course Outline containing Course Title, Course Description, and Course Content of subjects (for credit transfer purposes)
11) Interview by Admissions Committee and the Department Chair

2. Q: Is there a different set of requirements for non-Filipino students?
A: Yes. Non-Filipino students have different requirements. Other requirements include “valid visa for study” and passport documents, medical lab tests, among other things. For non-Filipino transfer applicants, please go to International Students admissions.

3. Q: I am a Filipino, I finished high school or at least eleven (11) curriculum years from a school outside the Philippines. Am I eligible for admission into the University after passing the ACAT and other requirements?
A: Yes. School documents coming from other countries, however, should be authenticated by the Philippine Consulate, or Philippine Embassy where the your school is located. If the school records are not in English, these must be translated into English and notarized by a competent authority in that country before the Philippine Consulate authenticates the records. For more information regarding document authentication, please contact the nearest Philippine Foreign Post in that country.

4. Q: What if I fail to submit all the required documents before the end of registration?
A: Failure to submit all the required documents before the end of enrollment will mean cancellation of your acceptance into the Ateneo. Accepted transfer applicants will be enrolled upon submission of complete documents and passing the interview by the Admission Committee/ Director. Confirmation of your allocated course will be made on a first-come-first-served basis. Those who confirm after a course or program is filled up have to accept a second choice.

5. Q: How many transfer students are accepted into the University every year? And if I am accepted, how many units can be credited or transferred into Ateneo?
A: A small number of transfer students are accepted into the University. If accepted, there is no guarantee as to the number of courses that will be validated or credited from the previous school. Generally only a few of the courses taken in previous school are transferred (credited) subject to the evaluation of the Department Chair.

6. Q: Am I classified as an irregular student if I transfer in Ateneo?
A: Because of the structure of Ateneo curriculum, transfer students become irregular students who find good subjects/ schedule difficult to arrange. (Transfer students who finish two years in another college generally need at least three more years at the Ateneo to finish their degree.)

7. Q: When should I apply to transfer credits from previous school I attended?
A: Courses taken from another school should be credited on the first term of studies at the University. No other course taken from another school may be credited after the first semester of studies in the University. The University reserves the right to evaluate courses taken from the previous school subject to the University standards and admission policies on credit transfer. Transfer students cannot take more than the regular load for the semester of the given program.

8. Q: If I stopped attending classes in Ateneo and I studied in another school afterward, am I categorized as a transfer student if I return to Ateneo?
A: Yes. A transfer student applicant is anybody who have studied at least one semester/ term in a college or university and wants to transfer/ enroll in Ateneo de Davao University. Your credentials were withdrawn from the University and were transferred (through the Honorable Dismissal form) to the school where you studied. Officially you are not a bonafide student of Ateneo de Davao.

9. Q: If I stopped attending classes in Ateneo, did not study in another school, and I failed to file a Leave-of-Absence (LOA), am I classified as a transfer student if I go back to school?
A: No. You are not a transfer student. You have to file a reinstatement of your student status at the Admission and Aid Office prior to your registration. The reinstatement process involves evaluation of previous academic records in ADDU by the Department Chair or assigned faculty-evaluator.

10. Q: I have finished a degree in another school, do I need to take the ACAT to get a second degree in Ateneo de Davao?
A: Yes. All undergraduate degree applicants who are not graduates of Ateneo de Davao are required to take and pass the Ateneo College Admission Test (ACAT).

11. Q: I have finished a degree in Ateneo de Davao, do I need to take the ACAT to get another undergraduate degree?
A: No. You do not need to take the ACAT.

12. Q: How do I receive transfer credit for the courses I’ve already taken at another college or university?
A: With your letter of acceptance, you should see the admission officer as soon as possible for advice. He reviews your documents from previous schools, your transcript of records and the result of entrance examinations. After which, he will advise you whether you can receive transfer credits or not.

13. Q: Will all my units taken from previous school/ university be transferred to Ateneo de Davao University?
A: It depends. The academic evaluators of each department will assess your transcript of records and see what subject courses may be transferred to Ateneo. You may be required to take validation tests or qualifying examinations. For more information, please see the Credit Transfer policy.

Bring your original copy of your transcript from all schools or universities (only tertiary education) previously attended, to:

Admission Officer
Office of Admission and Aid
Jubilee Hall
Ateneo de Davao University
Jacinto St., 8016 Davao City

Original copies, not photocopies, are required. If the transcripts are not sent directly from your other school(s), and are submitted by you, they must be in sealed/signed envelopes indicating that the transcripts were a direct delivery from the school and not viewed by anyone prior to arrival at our Registrar’s office.

14. Q: How many credits can I transfer to the Ateneo de Davao?
A: You can transfer up to 50% of total required units of a particular Ateneo degree program, subject to the evaluation of the Department Chairpersons. It means fifty percent (50%) of your four-year study (i.e. at least two years) should be in Ateneo de Davao. This is called “residency” requirement.

15. Q: Why should I attend the transfer student orientation?
A: You meet fellow transfer students, are assigned to an AFYOP and FYDP advisor, and an overview of the school’s mission and vision, policies, rules and regulations, as they relate to your academic and professional development in Ateneo. Ask for the dates of orientation from the Office of Student Affairs (OSA).

16. Q: I have taken Physical Education (PE) classes at another college. Do I need to re-take PE classes as required by Ateneo?
A: If you have attended two semesters of PE at another institution, you are advised to apply for transfer credit of your PE units into Ateneo. Please ask for the Transfer Credit form (Form 20B).

17. Q: I have taken NTSP classes at another college. Do I need to re-take NSTP classes as required by Ateneo?
A: If you have units of NSTP at another institution, you are advised to apply for transfer credit of your NSTP units into Ateneo. Please ask for the Transfer Credit form (Form 20B).

18. Q: Can I process the transfer credits later, after I have enrolled in Ateneo?
A: Transfer credits must be done within the first semester of study in Ateneo de Davao. No transfer credits will be processed after the first term of study in the University. It is advised even that transfer credits should be done before first registration in Ateneo in order to avoid problems on course pre-requisites and requirements.

19. Q: As a transfer student, how do I know if I’m a first-, second-, third-, or fourth-year student?
A: On your Transfer Credit form, your anticipated year level is noted. This is placed by the Department Chair after evaluation of your approved Transfer Credit form.

20. Q: How many units am I expected to take per semester/ term?
A: Your academic load should not exceed the curriculum units of a given term in a specific program. In summer school, you can only take a maximum load of nine (9) units.

21. Q: Can I apply for financial aid?
Yes. Filipino transfer students can apply for financial aid.