What kinds of scholarships are available to your applicants?

Ateneo SHS has two (2) types of scholarships: the Top 500 scholarship and the GIA scholarship (Financial Assistance). The Top 500 scholarship is given only to applicants from public junior high schools who earned high ratings at the Ateneo Senior High School Admission Test (ASHSAT). The GIA scholarship is a financial-assistance type of scholarship that is open to applicants from private junior high schools and those from public junior high schools who were not able to get the Top 500 scholarship grant.

How will I know if I qualify for the Top 500 scholarship?

The announcement regarding the Top 500 scholarship is written in the ASHSAT results, also known as the Notice of Acceptance (NOA) Letter. If you are part of the Top 500 scholarship grantees, it will be stated in your NOA.

Can I transfer to Ateneo for Grade 12?

Ateneo offers classes that are unique only to Ateneo de Davao University. These classes are called Ateneo vision driven subjects and are given from the first semester of Grade 11 up until the second semester of Grade 12. Students who have started taking Grade 11 in another senior high school will not be able to transfer to Ateneo to take Grade 12 due to the fact that having a student transfer to Ateneo SHS will incur a curriculum mismatch. The student may be allowed to enroll in Ateneo if he/she agrees to take Grade 11 again.

What is an enrichment class? Do I have to take it?

The enrichment class is a summer bridging class intended for those who scored below average on a certain subject (Math or English). The ASHSAT results will indicate if you need the enrichment class. Those who need to take the enrichment class are required to take the enrichment class first before being allowed to enroll into SHS as a Grade 11 learner. If the student has two (2) enrichment classes, he/she must take both first and pass either both or one of the classes before being allowed to proceed to the enrollment.

How long is the enrichment class?

Bridging classes are done every day for six days. Each class will consume an entire morning or an entire afternoon depending on the student’s schedule.

When do I pay to take the enrichment class?

Payment and scheduling for the enrichment class will begin once the enrollment starts. There will be a station dedicated to those who intend to pay for their enrichment classes.

Does the student need to be present during the enrollment?

Yes. One of the steps of the enrollment is an interview session with the student and the parent or a guardian. Picture taking for the school ID will be done there as well. Hence, the student must be physically present upon enrollment.

How can I get a schedule in the clinic for my medical clearance?

The Ateneo Clinic will start to accommodate applicants a few days before the enrollment. They will accommodate applicants for the medical clearance on a first-come-first-served basis. It is advised that payment for the medical clearance be made before proceeding to the clinic. For clinic inquiries, please call 221 2411 (local 8337) to check for availability.