1. Applicant must be a current Grade 10 student
  2. Foreign applicants and applicants whose junior high school is not located in the Philippines must take an additional Filipino test after the ASHSAT
  3. The applicant must bring the following documents upon submission of the application:
    1. Clear copy of the applicant’s current school ID (Back to back)
    2. 2×2 ID picture of applicant (colored, white background) attached to the form (2 pcs)
    3. Official Receipt of payment for the ASHSAT

Download the pre-registration form online or get a copy from the Director’s Office (Bangkal Campus or Jacinto campus).


Answer the form thoroughly and glue the 2 x 2 ID picture at the space provided.


Have your requirements checked and approved at the Director’s Office (Bangkal Campus or Jacinto campus).


Proceed to the cashier to pay for the test. The fee is PHP 350.


Pass the form to the Director’s Office (Bangkal Campus or Jacinto campus) along with the official receipt as well as your current school ID’s photocopy (back to back).


Get your ASHAT schedule / permit from the officer-in-charge.



The ASHSAT is administered every Saturday morning starting September 8, 2018 at the SHS Bangkal Campus. Walk-ins will not be accepted. Please make sure that you register for the test first. Thank you.




























For Filipino Enrollees 

  1. Original Notice of Acceptance (NOA) from Ateneo SHS (3 copies)
  2. Original Junior High School Report Card [Form 138-A] (3 copies)
  3. Original NSO-authenticated birth certificate (4 copies)
  4. Medical Certificate from the University Clinic (3 copies)
  5. Certificate of Good Moral Character (3 copies)
  6. National Achievement Test (NAT) Results (2 copies)
  7. National Career Assessment Exam (NCAE) Results (2 copies)
  8. Four (4) recent 1×1 ID photos

** For ESC and QVR subsidy grantees, please bring your voucher (certificate) upon enrollment

For Foreign Enrollees

  1. Notice of Acceptance (NOA) [Original and 2 copies]
  2. Alien Certificate of Registration (ACR) [Original and 2 copies of front and reverse]
  3. Learner’s Passport  [Original and 2 photocopies of first page and last entry of travel]
  4. Parents’ Passports [Original and 2 photocopies of first page and last entry of travel]
  5. Certificate of Good Moral Character [Original and 2 copies]
  6. Original Form 137 [ Foreign School Transcript of Records]
  7. Original Form 138 [Foreign School Report Card]
  8. 4 recent 1×1 ID pictures
  9. Special Study Permit (SSP) from the Bureau of Immigration and Deportation (BID) [3 original filled-in SSP forms]
  10. Payment of 300 USD for foreign students (per school year)

** For foreign students who finished Grade 10 in a school in the Philippines, bring two copies of your National Achievement Test (NAT) and National Career Assessment Exam (NCAE) results.

Ateneo welcomes DepEd SHS vouchers from Grade 10 graduates of public schools and Education Service Contracting (ESC) voucher grantees.

Ateneo de Davao University Senior High School Admission and Aid Office
2/F Finster Bldg., Roxas Avenue, 8016 Davao City, Philippines

Tel. (63.82) 221.2411 to 14 locals 8389 or 8294 | Email: