The Eco Car

Ignite Version 2

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Recycled Material


Eco Friendly


Team Blue Knights 1 is composed of Ateneo de Davao University engineering students who are courageous, compassionate, and creative.

They compete with themselves and are ready to help others as they strive to find solutions to today’s environmental problems for the greater good of humanity and for the greater glory of God.


Team Blue Knights 1 nurtures creative minds into a deeper appreciation of developments in science and engineering that harness resources and preserve the environment for future generations.


Progress is best measured when we compare our present to our past selves. For SEM Asia 2016, our main goal is to surpass our achievement last year. As much as we would want to compete in order to win, we wish to compete with what we have achieved last year.

Our main rival is the bar we have set for ourselves last year. In addition, we want to bring pride to our school and to prove to ourselves that we are capable of doing research and putting it into practice. For research and development, for our school and for ourselves, we will do more to become better versions of our former selves. In doing our best, we will prove that we are Ignite v2.0.