For four decades, the Ateneo College Scholarship Program has been helping qualified and deserving students of modest financial means receive quality humanistic education, thanks to the many generous benefactors who have extended much needed and appreciated help. Fundamentally, the greatest deciding factor in awarding scholarship grants to students of the Ateneo de Davao University, aside from academic ability, is the proven need for financial assistance.

Application for scholarship does not influence in any way the decision concerning acceptance into the college.

Selection Process

The College Scholarship Committee is in charge of the selection process. The committee sets up norms and guidelines for selection in addition to and/or in consonance with norms already specified by particular grants that are coursed through the university. Majority of the members of the Scholarship Committee must approve any exception to the existing norms.

Composition of the College Scholarship Committee

  • Academic Vice President
  • Deans of Tertiary Schools
  • Scholarship Program Officer
  • Admission and Aid Director

The scholarship grantees are selected on the basis of:

        a. Financial need as indicated in the Scholarship/ Financial Aid Form and other requirements;
        b. Intellectual ability and proven academic competence; and
          c. Commitment to service in terms of community activities; and


        d. Clear potential for greater service in the future.

To apply, please follow the steps below:

Step 1: Take the Qualifying Examination for Ateneo de Davao University College (QEAC). Claim your NOA four days after the examinations.

Step 2: Download the Application for Financial Aid Form (Form 230-SCH). This form must be secured and submitted together with the documentary requirements.

Step 3: Fill out the form. Attach all the required documents as listed.

Step 4: Submit the filled-out form and the required documents, placed inside a brown envelope, on or before the last Friday of April (for First Semester of study) or the last Friday of October (for Second Semester of Study).

Step 5: Go to your scheduled interview with the Scholarship Committee.

Step 6: Wait for the result of the Scholarship Committee deliberations. A list of approved application for financial aid will be posted in the bulletin boards and/or on the University website.

Step 7: Follow the instructions on Enrollment and Registration using your scholarship grant.

These are the required documentary attachments to be included with the duly filled-out application form:

First Year Applicants

  • Photocopy of Current Income Tax Return of Parents duly stamped by the Bureau of Internal Revenue (Bring original)
  • Photocopy of High School Report Card (Form 137) [Average 85%]
  • Notice of Acceptance from the Admission and Aid Director
  • Recommendation Letter from Parish Priest/Pastor/Ulama
  • Recommendation Letter from Principal
  • Recommendation Letter from Guidance Counselor
  • Recommendation Letter from Brgy Chairperson or Local Government Unit Officer
  • An Essay on a topic specified by the committee

Transfer Student Applicants

  • Photocopy of Current Income Tax Return of Parents duly stamped by the Bureau of Internal Revenue (Bring original)
  • Photocopy of Official Transcript of Records [Average 85%]
  • Notice of Acceptance from the Admission and Aid Director
  • Recommendation Letter from Parish Priest/Pastor/Ulama
  • Recommendation Letter from Dean of Student Affairs of the last school attended
  • Recommendation Letter from Guidance Counselor of the last school attended
  • Recommendation Letter from Brgy Chairperson or Local Government Unit Officer
  • An Essay on a topic specified by the committee

Ateneo Student Applicants

  • Photocopy of Current Income Tax Return of Parents duly stamped by the Bureau of Internal Revenue (Bring original)
  • Photocopy of Transcript of Records/Grades of Previous Semester duly signed by the University registrar
  • Recommendation Letter from Parish Priest/Pastor/Ulama
  • Recommendation Letter from Office of Student Affairs
  • Recommendation Letter from Guidance Counselor/Director
  • Recommendation Letter from Brgy Chairperson or Local Government Unit Officer
  • An Essay on a topic specified by the committee

Applicants with sibling(s) currently enjoying or have enjoyed financial aid in the past are automatically waitlisted for scholarship. An applicant whose family’s annual gross income exceeds PhP250,000.00 is normally not given financial aid and, therefore, need not apply.A student applicant with a prepaid tuition-and-fee plan may also come to the Ateneo on such an arrangement, but is not allowed to apply for any financial aid. Generally, there should not be double scholarship grants coming from different sources. Non-Filipino students, students on-audit or on-refresher course, and non-degree students are not eligible for financial aid.

Given that scholarship slots are limited each year, the College Scholarship Committee decides on each application after carefully examining the results of the Qualifying Examination for Ateneo de Davao University College (QEAC) together with the academic record of the applicant, the family’s finances, and recommendations.


Forms of Scholarship and Financial Aid

Financial Assistance comes in various forms of grants and allowances:

  • Php 5,000 partial grant
  • Php 7,500 partial grant
  • Php 10,000 partial grant
  • Php 12,500 partial grant
  • Php 15,000 partial grant
  • 100% tuition and/or fee grant
  • Book Allowance (for selected grants)
  • Dormitory Assistance (for selected grants)
  • Transportation Allowance (for selected grants)
  • Clothing Allowance (for selected grants)
  • Food Allowance (under Daily Bread Program)

The College Scholarship Committee peruses all documentary requirements, recommendations, and results of the essay submission and interview, before deciding to grant a scholarship to the applicant.

Program of Studies and Tenure of Award

Scholarships and financial aid are granted to students enrolling in all programs of study in the school (except BS Nursing and BS Architecture). Grants are good for one year and are reviewed every semester for continuing financial need and satisfactory performance, attendance of meetings called by the Scholarship Office, community service rendered, and visits with the appointed guidance counselor. Grants are given for summer and remedial courses, if any is required. It may be renewed upon evaluation of the student’s continued financial need and satisfactory academic performance.

Coverage of the Grants

Generally, the grant covers only tuition for any given semester, but it is renewable upon fulfillment of certain conditions (as set by the Committee). All grants funded by other sources, such as foundations, businesses and industry, and other benefactors, are generally renewable until the particular grantee graduates from his/her course depending on the conditions set by the donor of the grant.

Satisfactory Academic Progress, Guidance Counselling and Good Moral Character

In order to ensure that students receiving financial aid are successfully completing their degree program within their allotted tenure, the College Scholarship Committee monitors each scholar’s academic progress, visits with the appointed Guidance Counsellors for scholars, and notes non-academic offenses. To remain eligible for financial aid programs, the scholar must meet all academic standards, visit the counsellor as scheduled, and follow the University’s rules and regulations and the Scholarship Guidelines. Students receiving financial aid must maintain a minimum QPI of 2.50 (C+) with no failing marks, and follow the academic standards of the program or Division. Students on academic disqualification are ineligible for financial aid.

Academic Requirements

The scholar must finish the program for which he/she was originally awarded the scholarship grant. Dropping of subjects/ courses after the first week of classes is not allowed.

Generally, the scholar must obtain no failing grade and must maintain an annual Quotient Point Index (QPI) of 2.50 (C+), regardless of program. For grants requiring a higher QPI, the requirement of the particular grant must be followed. In case the scholar fails to meet the requirements, the Committee will deliberate on his or her status based on his or her performance and recommendations from the Office of Student Affairs and Guidance Center. If, however, the scholar is given a chance yet still fails to obtain and meet the required QPI and/or grade and other requirements, he/she has to relinquish the scholarship to another applicant.

Non-Academic Requirements

As part of the University’s mission, scholars are expected to actively participate in activities sanctioned by the school. They must attend all formation sessions for scholars, as well as trainings and seminars for scholars conducted by the Guidance Center, the Scholarship Program Office, College Campus Ministry, Ateneo Leadership Center, University Community Engagement and Advocacy Council (UCEAC), and the Arrupe Office of Social Formation (AOSF).

All applicants awarded scholarships through the Scholarship Program of the University are expected to render service to the school. Service hours are determined according to categories of the grant. These services may include office work, statistical jobs, assistance during assessment or student registration, or other tasks as specified by the Scholarship Committee–so long as the service will not interfere with the scholars’ studies and student functions.

  • Category A – 100% grant – 60 hours
  • Category A1 – 100% Grant Tuition Only – 60 hours
  • Category B – Php15,000 – 60 hours
  • Category C – Php12,500 – 45 hours
  • Category D – Php10,000 – 30 hours
  • Category E – Php7,500 – 15 hours
  • Category F – Php5,000 – 10 hours

All scholars are expected to participate in all formation sessions of the scholarship programs.

Ateneans Helping Ateneans

Scholars who graduate from the University are invited to help contribute to the scholarship fund of the University. This is to assure the continuity and growth of the scholarship grants, thus opening more slots and expanding possibilities to provide quality education to other financially disadvantaged students. Contributions start on the 6th month after graduation. All donations and contributions must be remitted to the Scholarship Program through the Finance Office of the University or through the Philippine Jesuit Foundation (, if the donor is in the United States. There will be some instances that the grantor companies hire directly the scholars they have funded. Scholars must be open the possibility of being hired with priority after graduation.




1. The grantee should maintain every semester a QPI of 2.50 (C+), with no grade lower than 1.00 (D). In case the scholarship grant requires a QPI higher than 2.50 (C+), the grantee shall maintain the required QPI specified by the grant.
2. The grantee must not incur a grade of INC (Incomplete), FD (Failure Debarred) or F (Failure) in any course.

Other Scholarship Grants

3. The grantee shall not enjoy any other sponsored or pre-need scholarship simultaneous with the Ateneo sponsored/administered scholarship grant unless approved and sanctioned by the College Scholarship Committee. Acceptance of other scholarships without the approval of the Committee automatically terminates the Ateneo scholarship grant.

(a) Receipt of a scholarship from the University does not preclude receipt of government financial assistance. However, scholarship assistance from the government must be considered a resource in determining eligibility for financial aid from the University and its benefactors. If a student had an initial need of P35,000, and receives a P15,000 scholarship from CHED, the scholarship amount from the government would be subtracted from the P35,000, and the difference of P20,000 would be considered the students remaining need.

(b) Grants from the University and its benefactors are not reimbursable to the grantee in case of overpayment due to financial assistance from the government and other sources. The grants given by the University are specifically intended to cover the tuition and other fee needs of the grantee and so cannot be used for other purposes by the grantee unless otherwise specified by the Scholarship Committee or by the donor institution.

Grant Duration

4. The scholarship shall be for the duration of the course unless earlier terminated due to failure of grantee to comply with the semestral terms and conditions.

Service and Formation Requirements

5. As a scholar who is formed to be man or woman for others, the grantee is required to render community service to the University as the counterpart for the grant. The Committee determines the specified numbers of hours in accordance to grants.
6. Service may come in the form of office staff assistance, volunteer works as specified and approved by the committee, and tutorial services to other scholars who may be in need of academic assistance.
7. As a man or woman for others, the grantee leads a simple lifestyle, exercises deep social awareness, cultivates an abiding sense of social justice and willingness to join in cultural dialogue, and embodies spiritual maturity. He/She must be an example of a true Atenean.
8. The grantee must not violate any provision of the rules and regulation of the university.
9. The grantee must visit the appointed guidance counselors twice a semester.
10. A general assembly of scholars is conducted at the start of every semester. All grantees are required to attend this assembly in order to know their respective cell groups (CG), and other important announcements and policies. A cell group or CG is composed of at least five (5) but not more than eight (8) scholars.
11. The grantee must attend all scheduled meetings of the cell group. The CG leader submits report of his/her members’ achievements, attendance, or performance at the end of the semester.

Course Load

12. The grantee shall enroll in the semester immediately following the award of the scholarship, and shall carry the full load prescribed by her/his program of study, or not less than 21 units per semester.
13. The grantee may carry one course over his or her prescribed load, with the approval of the division chair or program coordinator/director.
14. No deferment of enrollment shall be allowed except for valid reasons, such as:

      a. Poor health of the grantee as certified by the school physician;
              b. Grave personal problem of the grantee which may affect the grantee’s studies for the semester.

15. The grantee shall be required to enroll and finish the NSTP/CWTS and PE subjects within the period prescribed by the academic program.

Shifting of Course Program/ Track

16. No grantee shall be allowed to shift to another program or take double majors, except for meritorious reasons and only upon the approval of the Scholarship Committee.
17. In no case shall the grantee be allowed to shift to another program more than once, and in no case shall it be beyond the first semester of his third year in the university.
18. Shifting must be limited to the priority courses identified by the Scholarship Committee and/or the grantor.
19. Shifting to another program should not result in additional costs; otherwise the grantee shall shoulder the corresponding fees.
20. The grantee who wants to shift programs, or withdraw from the school altogether, must submit a written request to the Scholarship Committee through the Scholarship Coordinator, for proper action and documentation.

Dropping of Course

21. The grantee must not drop any course, except if through valid causes. Valid causes are:

      a. Scheduling conflict
              b. Closing or dissolution of subject

22. Dropping of subjects without approval is a valid ground for termination of the scholarship grant. The scholar must ask the approval of the Scholarship Coordinator in writing before initiating the dropping of course application.
23. The grantee shall be under the supervision of the Scholarship Committee of the University in matters pertaining to scholarships and program of studies.


24. The scholar shall reimburse the total amount received in connection with the scholarship grant in case he or she willingly abandons the scholarships, thus leading to termination.

Renewal of Grant

25. At the end of each semester or term, the grantee shall comply with all the requirements and follow the procedure for grant renewal, which are:

Terms and Conditions for Renewal

(1) Continuing financial need
(2) Satisfactory academic performance
(3) Satisfactory manifestation of grantee’s willingness to serve
(4) Zero infractions of school policies and scholarship policies/guidelines
(5) Availability of funds

26. Semestral or term renewal of grant is conducted on the month of October. Deadline of renewal submission is on the last Friday of October.
27. Annual review of scholars are conducted every summer (April and May). Deadline of submission of documents for review is on the last Friday of April. Scholars shall claim the forms at the Admissions Office.
28. Grant certification should be accomplished every semester, and then submitted to the Finance Office. Failure to accomplish and sign the certification form two weeks after the start of classes means forfeiture of the grant in favor of waitlisted applicants.

Financial Aid Probation

This grant status is a warning placed on the scholar’s financial aid file by the College Scholarship Committee due to violation of the grant guidelines and policies. The student will still remain eligible for financial aid as long as he or she meets all other financial aid eligibility criteria. He or she will have one semester, excluding the summer school, to raise his or her QPI and comply with other conditions set by the Committee. If, after one semester, the student is unable to raise his or her QPI or to comply with the Committee’s conditions, his or her status will be demoted to “Financial Aid Suspension”.

Financial Aid Suspension

This grant status is placed on the scholar’s financial aid file by the College Scholarship Committee due to violation of the grant guidelines and policies. If the student incurs Financial Aid Suspension, then he or she becomes ineligible for financial aid for the current semester, and all aid that has been awarded will be placed on hold. If the measurement occurs after a semester has begun, aid for that semester will be canceled. This policy is not applicable to scholarships or employee tuition benefits.

Financial Aid Termination

This grant status is placed on the scholar’s financial aid file by the College Scholarship Committee due to violation of the grant guidelines and policies. If the student incurs Financial Aid Termination, then he or she becomes ineligible for financial aid for the current and subsequent semesters, and all aid that has been awarded will be terminated. If the measurement occurs after a semester has begun, aid for that semester will be canceled. This policy is not applicable to scholarships or employee tuition benefits.

Re-Application for Financial Aid

Any scholar who has been suspended can submit an Application for Financial Aid form (with required documentations as stated) by the deadline noted on the form. Submission of this form does not guarantee approval and/or reinstatement of financial aid eligibility. If the application is approved, the scholar’s financial aid eligibility will be extended through the number of semesters it takes him or her to earn the academic units leading to a degree.

Appeals. The College Scholarship Committee will review appeals on a case-by-case basis. Review approval is only granted in consideration of extenuating circumstances beyond the student’s control. However, inability to master course material is not an extenuating circumstance. All decisions made by this committee are final. All appeals must be in writing and addressed to the:

Chairperson of the Committee
College Scholarship Committee
Ateneo de Davao University
E. Jacinto St., 8016 Davao City
Landline (082) 221 – 2411 local 8303
Fax (82) 226 – 4116

Deadline of Application Submission
For First Semester Applications: Last Friday of April
For Second Semester Applications: Last Friday of October

Take note of the following webpages and downloadable forms below:

DOWNLOAD: Requirements and Application Form for Financial Aid: Undergraduate Programs

CLICK: Financial Aid Guidelines

CLICK: Frequently Asked Questions on Financial Aid

Interested applicants may inquire of the Financial Aid Programs available at the Grade School and Junior High School from the Office of the Headmaster (local 4101) and the Principal (local 4301) respectively.

For more information, please contact:

College Scholarship Program Officer
Office of Admission and Aid
Ateneo de Davao University
Roxas Avenue, 8016 Davao City

Tel +63 (82) 221.2411 local 8303
Fax +63 (82) 226.4116