Frequently Asked Questions

This page gives you tips on online learning and addresses some of the most frequently asked questions about the ADDU online classes. All answers are based on Academic Policies for Online Undergraduate Education and some related Internet resources on Online Education.

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General Questions

How can I join an online class?

You will receive an email invitation with the class or enrollment code from the teacher of your enrolled subject/course. You can use the code to join the online classroom.

How will I know the schedule of my online classes?

The schedule that appears in the Student Information System (SIS) is the assigned schedule for the online class of the course. Individual or small group online conferences with the teacher shall be conducted within this schedule.

What are the online e-learning materials of a course?

These include video presentations of topics, lecture notes, e-reading materials, and formative assessment activities per topic that help him/her assess her own progress in learning the course.

What is a Face-to-face summative assessment?

It is equivalent to a conventional departmental examination or final examination.

When can I take the Face-to-face summative assessment of a course?

You can take the Face-to-face summative assessment either at the end of the online course or of the semester. Or you can also decide, based on your preparedness to take the exam, at any time within the prescribed deadline (one school year).

Random Tips for Online Education

The Internet is a friend for learning.

The Internet is a friend for learning.  But you can betray this friend as it can betray you. Neither abuse nor misuse your friend.

Netflix and the like are for relaxation online.

Netflix and the like are for relaxation online.  But relaxation cannot be the whole day. And episodes of endless series ought not to eat up the night.

Sufficient sleep outside of study time...

Sufficient sleep – outside of study time – is absolutely essential for online learning.

You need time daily for mediation and prayer.

You need time daily for mediation and prayer.  You need to quiet down to be in touch with yourself in your relationship with God.  You need to understand what your defining desires are.  Otherwise, you will be dissipated by distractions in your online learning.

Locate your love for learning.

Own your desire to learn, locate your love for learning, and sacrifice what you must to pursue this love.

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