Frequently Asked Questions

Ateneo Institutional Communications and Promotions Office

What is the iCommP?

The Institutional Communications and Promotions Office or iCommP is an organization/office under the Office of the President that creates, produces, develops materials for the university. The office produces video ads, posters, graphic design layouts, original music composition as well as manage the university’s official social media accounts and officially cover events throughout the University from Grade School to College.

Inside the the iCommP is a highly motivated and creative team of volunteers collectively known as the COMMS Team.

What do you do?

We cover events, handle the official Ateneo Twitter (Yes, that’s us!) account, the official YouTube channel, we direct and produce photo and video ads you see in your handbooks, the internet and more. We design and redesign artwork university materials such as the University ID, signages, billboards and more. We also organise programs, events, conferences and talks. We produce online shows and podcasts and a whole lot more.

Our Services List can be found here

How are you different from the Samahan Creative Team?

Strucurally and organizationally, the iCommP  is under the Office of the President of the Ateneo de Davao University. The iCommP’s function is to design, create & promote for all University units, offices & events.

The Samahan Creative Team is under the student government of the college student body, the Samahan Central Board. Their work focuses primarily on SAMAHAN related events.

Do you collaborate with other Creative Teams?

Yes! We collaborate with various creative teams from different departments and/or schools including the Samahan Creative Team in producing video, photo outputs on a massive scale.

Do I need to be an expert in photo editing and video editing applications?

Nope. All we need is your imagination and determinism to help us communicate.

Can first year students apply?

Of course! First year students can apply to join the team.

Where is your office?

We have a multimedia production studio available to use for all Comms members in the 3rd floor of the Community Center.

I don't have a camera or a laptop. Can I still apply?

Yes! The office is powered by Canon, Blackmagic Design and Western Digital. So we have you covered with the gear you need to expand your creative world.

Communicate with us at if there are questions that linger in you. 


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