Support for Ateneo de Davao University:  Larger than life! Fr. Joel Tabora, S.J., President, ADDU   Of course we welcome contributions larger than life! By 2018, in accordance with the nation’s K-12 educational reform, we will need a new ADDU Senior High School.  For this we have already acquired the 1.2 ha. Yamson Property almost adjacent to our present Matina campus. But we still have to build it.  Granting it will provide 30 classrooms, four laboratories, administrative areas, sports facilities and the like, we need for this an approximated $2,300,000. Last year we put up a swimming pool for our grade school.  Our policy: no ADDU student graduates from grade school without knowing how to swim.  We have named this pool in honor of the GS’s beloved Fr. Rudy Malasmas, S.J. Now, however, we wish to build a swimming pool for the HS.  We will not only provide our HS an excellent sports facility;  we will hone our champion swimmers at home.  Estimated cost: $600,000. We have an ongoing construction project in the tertiary-level Jacinto campus designed to improve the quality of our university life – instruction, formation, research and community service.  In this 3.5 hectare property (to which we have just added an additional 5,000 sqm) we are constructing an additional 6,000 sqm of covered space in a Community Center and a Sports and Assembly Building whose total price tag is an estimated billion pesos.  Contributions to this project (for its library area, its faculty work areas, its sports facilities, its stage for the performing arts, its parking area) are most welcome in amounts big and small.  Estimated cost of a sqm: $500. We would like to provide scholarships for professions acutely necessary for the development of our country, especially in the following areas:  environmental science, mathematics, chemistry, electronics, civil, electrical and computer engineering, education, anthropology and theology.  For these, we need scholarship Funds: each of $325,000.;  this will use only interest to support a series of scholars. Then, single College Scholarship Gifts:  each of $8,000; this will pay direct costs of a single scholarship. We certainly welcome such gifts!  But then, just as meaningful as any of the above (especially if you are not already a donor of the ADDU in some way), is to contribute to us: Your Two Cents’ Worth…! Your Two Cents’ Worth – two cents every day for the rest of your life – joined to the Two Cents’ Worth of many others  can mean the difference between whether a young man can take the engineering course of his dreams at the ADDU, or not, or whether a young woman can be formed into an excellent teacher for the Philippines, or not. Your Two Cents’ Worth Scholarship Fund is the equivalent in the USA of the A-1 Scholarship program:  where more and more donors are committing just one peso a day for the rest of their lives to support scholarships at ADDU. Should you commit Your Two Cents’ Worth, your contribution too can be larger than life! To join the Two Cents’ worth Scholarship Program, download commitment form (click to download) in your desktop and open the file using Acrobat Reader,  email the filled-out form to, and send your  contribution by telegraphic fund transfer to one of the Ateneo de Davao University accounts:

Metropolitan Bank and Trust Company (Davao Monteverde Branch) Account Number: 668-2-66800074-0 Swift Code: MBTCPHMM

Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation (Davao Ilustre Branch) Account Number: 8-525-00079-7 Swift Code: RCBCPHMM

United Coconut Planters Bank (Davao Palma Gil Branch) Account Number: 0-141-7300160-9 Swift Code: UCPBPHMM