A Special City Wide Social Survey (CWSS) Series 15 Dissemination was held on May 17, 2024 at the Xavier Hall Media Room, 8th floor of the CCFC Building. With the title, “Community Canvas: Painting Engagement and Advocacy Opportunities thru the CWSS 15” this event showcased enriching data driven insights that converged with engagement and advocacy.

During this Special Presentation, several discussants joined to present their findings including Dr. Cleofe Arib, Director of the Center for Business Research and Extension (CBRE), Ms. Mary Donna Grace Cuenca, from the Political Science and History Department, and Dr. Christine Diaz, Director of Social Research Training and Development Office (SRTDO). This joint program was organized by the UCEAC in collaboration with the University Research Council and was moderated by Ms. Danielle Anne Caliosan, Project Coordinator for APILA.

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