The University President, Fr. Karel S. San Juan, SJ, extended a warm welcome to the guests from the U.S. Embassy Public Affairs and Political Sections during their courtesy visit. Representing the U.S. Embassy were Ms. Pauline Anderson, Deputy Director for Public Engagement; Ms. Sheila Conti, Public Engagement Coordinator; and Ms. Natalia Rankine-Galloway, Political Officer. They were joined by Mr. Vinci R. Bueza, Director of the Ateneo Internationalization for Mindanao Office; Ms. Rhisan Mae E. Morales, Director of the Center of Politics and International Affairs (CPIA); and Ms. Krizza Janica B. Mahinay, Chair of the International Studies Department.

Following the meeting, the U.S. Embassy delegation attended the event entitled, “Non-Traditional Security in Mindanao: Sustaining Challenges Towards Resilience and Adaptability,” sponsored by the Embassy in collaboration with ADDU CPIA.

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