IDEAS Davao, an association that supports local startups and helps grow small businesses, held its Annual Strategic Planning event at the Jacinto Campus on January 22 and 23. The event was graciously hosted by AdDU’s own ADDventures TBI.

This year’s Strategic Planning looked back on the consortium’s achievements in previous years, the region’s current startup environment, and potential plans for 2024. As such, a workshop was held to refocus on four key areas: capacity building and development, marketing and promotional program design, organizational development and sustainability design, and fund sourcing for startups.

Over 30 representatives from several universities attended the two-day event and workshop, as well as speakers from various sectors, including government, academia, industry, and civil society. The speakers gave their knowledge and expertise about the current trends and predictions for the future of Davao’s startup ecosystem.

Photo Credit: IDEAS Davao

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