The Ateneo de Davao University Rocketry Team is the first and only Philippine team to qualify at the Spaceport America Cup 2024 – Intercollegiate Rocket Engineering Competition (SAC-IREC).

The AdDU Rocketry Team will be participating in the 10K Commercially Off-the-Shelf (COTS) Category, where their goal is to create a rocket made of COTS materials and have it reach the target height of 10,000 feet with an 8.8-pound payload. The team, composed of 30 undergraduates and five mentors, is currently developing a prototype called the BINHI Rocket (from the word “seed” in Tagalog) as a basis for their entry rocket, the SIBOL Rocket (“growth” in Tagalog). This team is only a portion of AdDU’s Rocket Development Program, named Project Sugod (meaning “moving forward” in Tagalog and “the beginning” in Bisaya, one of Davao’s local languages)

It was announced that the SAC-IREC will be held from June 17 to 22, 2024, in New Mexico, USA. This esteemed event is the most ambitious Intercollegiate Rocket Competition in the world. It has garnered approximately 1,700 students and faculty participating from over 150 institutions internationally.

The AdDU Rocketry Team’s hard work and steadfast dedication inspire all of us that our Filipino ingenuity has much more to offer on an international scale. These young, brilliant students couldn’t have made it this far without support from the University and their loved ones. To help widen this space of support, we are now inviting potential sponsors to join us on this journey, not only to contribute to our team but also to the potential future of the Philippine’s only University with an Aerospace Engineering program.

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