Manila, Philippines – October 16, 2023

In an electrifying showcase of cybersecurity prowess, the Manila Grand Opera Hotel and Casino hosted the Hack4Gov National Competition Finals on October 16, 2023. Team ADDU, representing Region XI, emerged victorious among a pool of formidable competitors, clinching the coveted championship title.

Team ADDU’s resounding success earned them the privilege of representing the Philippines in the forthcoming 2023 ASEAN-Japan Cybersecurity Capacity Building Center (AJCCBC) Cyber Sea Games, slated to unfold in Bangkok, Thailand, from November 9 to 10. This prestigious competition brings together some of the most brilliant cybersecurity minds from the ASEAN region and Japan. It’s a platform where participants are tested on their skills and provided with an opportunity to collaborate and strengthen the region’s cybersecurity capabilities.

Furthermore, the newly crowned champions have also been extended an invitation to participate in the ASEAN Cyber Shield (ACS), an upcoming capture-the-flag contest scheduled to take place from November 21 to 23 in Jakarta, Indonesia. This presents an excellent opportunity for Team ADDU to prove their mettle on an international stage further and reinforce their commitment to cybersecurity excellence.

The triumphant squad, Team ADDU, is comprised of remarkable individuals who have demonstrated unwavering dedication and exceptional skills in the field of cybersecurity. The members of this stellar team include Mr. Ian Emmanuel Enanoria, Ms. Angelli Kezzed Alkuino, Mr. Shaun Brannon Leonar, and Mr. Reinhardt Benedicto. Guiding and mentoring them every step of the way is their exceptional coach, Mr. Jerry B. Canale, Assistant Professor for Computer Studies.

The victory of Team ADDU not only reflects their commitment to excellence but also serves as an inspiration to aspiring cybersecurity professionals. Their journey from regional representatives to national champions signifies the power of determination, teamwork, and a relentless pursuit of knowledge and expertise in cybersecurity.

This triumphant win is a testament to the Philippines’ capabilities in cybersecurity, and the nation will be eagerly watching as Team ADDU embarks on their journey to represent the country on the international stage. Their success in the 2023 Hack4Gov National Competition is a beacon of hope, encouraging more students to strive for excellence in cybersecurity and contribute to the nation’s cybersecurity resilience. With their upcoming international competitions in Thailand and Indonesia, Team ADDU is set to carry the banner of the Philippines and compete with some of the best cybersecurity talents in the ASEAN region.

Photos from DICT Region 11 FB Page
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