The 2022 National and Local Elections will transpire a few months from now. As involved citizens, we are all invited to participate in CANDID DATES 2022, a program presented by Davao Association of Catholic Schools, Inc., co-presented by Initiatives for International Dialogue, Mindanews, and Mindanao Consortium of Ateneo.

This initiative will allow us to know better the candidates running for different positions. This is the chance to learn their achievements, stances on various issues, and their platforms for the Filipino people. The questions will focus more on the Mindanao agenda. Interestingly, they will not be given the set of questions ahead of time. Hence, the monicker CANDID-dates — an opportunity for us to evaluate the genuineness behind their interest in holding a public office.

More details to follow regarding the Presidential Interview, Vice Presidential Interview, and Local Interview schedule. Stay tuned!

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