The Ateneo de Davao University Student Security Force (ASSF) completed a disaster response and first-aid training under the guidance of the Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP) – Region XI through a series of sessions held last January at the University’s Jacinto campus.

            This training comprised subjects such as fire prevention and response; basic life support; and search and rescue operations. Expert personnel from the BFP demonstrated to the members of the ASSF the proper protocols and procedures to perform during emergencies such as fires, and other disasters that require competent administration of first-aid.

            ASSF members recalled the benefits of undergoing the training with the BFP. In an email, Ms. Chiqui Angela Paloma said the training “helped [us] understand the importance of safety and the need for establishing skills for emergency preparedness and response. These skills will help us in the future.” From her perspective as a member of the ASSF, Ms. Paloma said the training was “very helpful in teaching [us] on how to respond and provide assistance at the scene of emergency,” and “it encourages [us] to do our part on implementing safety and security measures to ensure peace and order within the campus.” Finally she said the training “helps [us] further hone [our] skills to effectively perform our duties as the Ateneo community’s first responders.”

            Another ASSF member Ms. Blessie Jone Buligan said that the “BFP was quite informative on the basics of fire, basic life support, and special rescue operations. The instructors taught us not only book knowledge but also how to apply these in real world situations.”

             Finally, in the same email, ASSF member Ms. Shanly Anne Canete said that the BFP training was “very good, very significant and very helpful. Everything that they discussed, taught and demonstrated to us were very important, knowledgeable and applicable in real life.” The training “was nice, impressive and unforgettable,” and “the people from BFP were friendly and funny,” she added.

            As part of the University’s first responders, the ASSF hopes that this training has added to their competencies in preparing for and responding to possible contingencies and emergencies that may arise in the University at any time.

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