The Arrupe Office of Social Formation has always been inspired by the life, works, and the person of. Fr. Pedro Arrupe SJ, from whom the office is named after. His contributions to society brought about a more praxis-based education – an education that integrates immersions and engagements, and theological reflections to shape men and women for others, especially to those in the peripheries. With this, the office wishes to honor his life and works, most especially now that the cause of his canonization is underway, with a week-long commemoration and celebration. This celebration is themed  “Conversions and Conversations”. This theme speaks of Pedro Arrupe’s insistence that continuing education should be what Christian education is: A call to conversion. “A conversion that will prepare us for witnessing to justice as God gives us to see it from the signs of our times.”

Furthermore, he reminds everyone that personal conversion cannot be separated from structural social reform. The conversations aspect of the theme is inspired by Pedro Arrupe’s answer to the question of fighting atheism wherein he said, “We won’t be fighting anyone or anything!” Our tactic is not fighting but dialogue, mutual respect, learning to listen, trying to understand the obstacles that keep people from a knowledge of God. This response speaks true not only in response to atheism but also in the lack of faith which results in many conflicts that can be witnessed in our past and present time. Thus, this commemoration hopes to inspire people to see God in all things, love all things, and to be men and women for others.

Considered one of the most influential leaders of the Jesuits since St. Ignatius of Loyola, Fr. Arrupe leaves a legacy that enriches not only Jesuits but the Church at large. It is a legacy of “men and women for others,” committed to human dignity, the common good, and the Jesuit mission defined as the service of faith and the promotion of justice. Fr. Arrupe is truly a person worth emulating and celebrating. 

Schedule of Activities for Arrupe Week 2020:

The Arrupe Exhibit is an interactive exhibit that is open to all. Get to know more about yourself, the Arrupe Office, and Fr. Pedro Arrupe,SJ.

You are also welcome to join the reflection session on February 4th. It hopes to provide an avenue to quiet down and discern about life through reflection points inspire by Fr. Pedro Arrupe, SJ. Miss Shela Jaso will facilitate this reflection. 

Open Mic: An Open Mic is an avenue where people can share any material they wish that the theme brings to mind. The theme of course follows the entire event’s theme which is “Conversion and Conversations”. It can be poetry, prose, music, anecdotes, and even articles. All media is accepted as long as it respectably explores the theme. 

This is a non-judgemental setting but performers and audience members should remain respectable to the policies of the university. 

Each performance shall be 15 minutes long or less. 

Audience should respect the performers which means chatting and looking at mobile phones while there is an ongoing performance will not be allowed. 

Snacks and beverages will be served.

If you are interested in performing or sharing during the open mic, please do not hesitate to contact us through Aivy Villarba – The subject of the e-mail should be “Arrupe Week – Open Mic”

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