By Michael Aaron Gomez

Archt. John Paul M. Aloy, a graduate of the Ateneo de Davao University School of Engineering and Architecture (AdDU-SEA), has notched 8th place at the 2018 Architect Licensure Exams held last June with a score of 82.50%. Including Archt. Aloy, thirty-two out of forty graduates from the University passed the exams, whose collective scores resulted in an 80% passing rate for AdDU compared to the nationwide passing rate of 55%. The AdDU-SEA also registered a passing rate of 88.24% for its first-time takers, with thirty graduates passing from a pool of thirty-four.

In an interview to discuss his present success, Archt. Aloy celebrated his Lumad roots, as a proud Obu-Manuvu, as well as the fulfillment of his lifelong dream to become an architect. “I was really fascinated by the remarkable forms and styles of the buildings,” he said. “In college I was then hesitant to take Architecture, and it was my parents who first gave their intimate support.” He also acknowledged the effort and dedication necessary to pursue one’s dreams and, eventually, to fulfill them.

Archt. Aloy also paid gratitude to the education he received from the Ateneo, including the value of persistent work towards excellence which the University instills as a vital principle in its students. “Ateneo helped me…know myself more, to have a self-identity and recognize my potentials,” he said. “The University produces not just globally competitive graduates but also servant leaders.”

According to Archt. Aloy, his plans for the immediate future include working for an architectural firm with the ultimate goal of starting his own firm someday. “To gain experience and to start to earn and save money,” he said. Also included in these plans is a return to the academe, this time preferably as a teacher at the Ateneo de Davao, with the hope of giving back to future architects the first-rate education he had received.

“I would like to contribute to the preservation, propagation, education, and appreciation of our culture,” Archt. Aloy said, citing his Lumad heritage. He also reaffirmed his commitment to aid in the upkeep of the environment by working with green designs; incidentally, he also gave an assurance of his work towards pursuing social justice and the common good through following ethical practices in his profession. “I can contribute to the preservation and the education of the Filipino on Mindanawon culture and heritage through incorporating [indigenous cultural elements] into my architectural designs,” he said when asked how best he can serve his community as an Atenean architect.

His advice to future architects consists of persevering through the hardships life throws their way and of continuing to pursue excellence despite all obstacles. “Let us not be gratified with mediocrity,” he said.

The Ateneo de Davao University prides itself with the sterling education it provides all who enter its halls, which brilliant teaching is delivered by the top-notch faculty members it employs. In this case, the University also recognizes the School of Engineering and Architecture (SEA) faculty, including Dean Randell Espina, Archt. Willy Policarpio, and the rest of the Architecture family.


(Photos taken from Archt. Aloy’s Facebook page)

Taken from Archt. Aloy's Facebook page
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