by John Juenz Rubillar

The Center of Psychological Extension and Research Services (COPERS), the Ateneo Department of Psychology, and the Samahan ng Mag-aaral ng Sikolohiyang Filipino (SAMASIKOFIL) organized a public lecture on Aromatherapy and its Application on Mental Wellness on February 17 at the Finster Auditorium of the Ateneo de Davao University.

The main speaker for the event was Winnie Fannon, MSc from the Republic Polytechnic in Singapore.

The talk focused on the science of Essential Oils and its practical effects on the psychological and emotional well-being. Essential Oils are the fluid that circulates in plants and it is a primary component for them to grow, flower, and survive.

“Essential Oils are comprised of very tiny molecules that effectively pass through our membranes and reach our cells readily, they work by helping support our bodily functions such as circulation and respiration, and crosses our blood brain barrier easily to support optimal functions of our brain and limbic system,” explained Fannon.

Workshops were also held to demonstrate the practical applications of Aromatherapy. The registration for the workshop costed PhP 350.00 per person. Proceeds from the lecture and workshop were donated to COPERS to help fund their advocacy and outreach programs.

Fannon first started using Essential oils back in late 2012 after the birth of her daughter. Coming from a pharmaceutical and scientific background, she wanted to use a chemical-free and natural alternative to provide wellness for her and her family. However, she did not consider using Essential Oils until a friend introduced it to her.

“Initially I was somewhat unconvinced, so I went off to do some research about aromatherapy. From that day onwards, I have learned how to use Essential Oils to support optimal health and wellness holistically, and I have not stopped ever since,” Fannon said.

Fannon earned her MSc in Biotechnology from the San Jose State University in California and had proceeded to do research in Formulation Sciences at various Biopharmaceutical companies in the US before turning her sights to the science, chemistry, and proper use of therapeutic-grade essential oils. She is currently lecturing at the Pharmaceutical Sciences program of the Republic Polytechnic while completing her certifications for Clinical Aromatherapy and French Aromatherapy with The School for Aromatic Studies.

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