by Keisha Gabrielle L. Pulido

Ateneo de Davao University Mass Communication students in partnership with City Environment and Natural Resources Office (CENRO) officially launched a citywide campaign for solid waste management (SWM) last February 6, 2017 during the flag raising ceremony at the Davao City Hall.

Dubbed as Let’s Make L.I.M.P.Y.O, the campaign aimed to promote proper segregation of trash throughout the city.

L.I.M.P.Y.O stands for: Lean towards a cleaner and greener community; Implement proper solid waste management; Mobilize advocates and ambassadors; Promote initiatives for environmental conservation; Yes to the enforcement of R.A. 9003; and Organize activities and projects to nurture nature.

Let’s Make L.I.M.P.Y.O’s official jingle was played, introducing the campaign to the city. It is the first campaign in the city for SWM. The campaign includes workshops and seminars as well as a flash mob and a fun run.

The city government of Davao hopes for the participation of the citizens and the success of the campaign for a cleaner and greener Davao.


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