The Documents Required (All must be for Tax Year 2016 ) for

Application for Accreditation are the following:


  1. Letter of Interest of the applicant to be Accredited Catering Service Provider (ACSP) of ADDU addressed to the University President. This letter must also contain a statement that the Applicant is willing to comply with the CATERING insurance requirements by ADDU. Thus Applicants must make sure that upon submission of Documentary Requirements, they must have already considered this matter.

Certified True Copy of the following:

  1. Business permit;
  2. TIN;
  3. DTI CERTIFICATION for Single Proprietorship
  4. SEC CERTIFICATION OF REGISTRATION for Partnerships & Corporations;
  5. Income Tax Return of most recent tax year of Catering applicant (single proprietorship, or partnership, or corporation as the case may be);
  6. BIR-issued Official Receipt/Sales Invoice of the applicant ;
  7. Sanitary Permit from Davao City’s City Health Office;
  8. Complete Menu List for all types of Meals (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snacks, etc.);
  9. Health Certificate of applicant’s Catering Service employees (fecal, urine, TB, X-ray, etc., City Health Office Food Handling Training);
  10. Certification from Department of Labor Region 11 that the Caterer has no pending Labor case;
  11. Court and Fiscal’s Clearance (Regional Court 11) certifying that the applicant Caterer has no pending Civil or Criminal case;
  12. Pictures of Caterer’s pertinent catering premises;
  13. All Other standard required documents for all Catering Service Providers in Davao City.
  14. Map/Sketch to the location of the Applicant Catering Service Provider’s Commissary, and or Kitchen;


  1. Complete Contact Coordinates of the Applicant:
  2. Business Address;
  3. Official Phone Number (Mobile and/or Landline);
  4. E-mail Address;



Deadline for submission: MARCH 31, 2016

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