Hardwork pays off. Gianna Marie Therese C. Bacareza, Johanna Vaugh O. Dejito, and Jannies Shyne S. Briones, together with their coaches Ms. Angelle Marie D. Aquino and Mr. Johnedel Laciapag receive their respective awards in the recently held Regional Schools Press Conference in Cateel, Davao Oriental.

Visiting Her Majesty Queen Aliwagwag. One does not simply stay in Cateel, Davao Oriental without visiting the majestic Aliwagwag Falls. 1,110 ft. tall with a series of 130 cascading falls, her majesty looks like a stairway to heaven when viewed from afar.

Quick-thinking. Ideas come quick to student-journalists as they are trained to produce a publication-worthy output in as short as 60 minutes. These photos are results of such training. Ordinary scenes infused by creativity become publish-worthy.

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