Dr. Lourdes Simpol, Director of Tropics attended last October 14-November 12, 2015 a “professional tailored program for international water professionals” in Brisbane, Australia. The program was administered by the International Water Centre in cooperation with other leading Australian Universities namely, The University of Queensland, Griffith University, Monash University and The University of Western Australia. The academic program included among others topics such as, “theoretical and practical knowledge of a PPRR Disaster Risk Reduction Framework, Disaster coordination protocols, emergency management strategies in a range of community settings, impacts and recovery of agricultural systems and water stewardship”.

She shared with other fellows the initiatives of TropICS in areas of research, instruction and engagement pertinent to water and Disaster Risk Reduction Management. The attendance of Dr. Simpol was significant for both personal and institutional development. In reference to the latter, the opportunity helped advance the University’s effort of building network of partners at the local and international level in putting Science at the center of community empowerment initiatives on Disaster Risk Reduction Management. (University Research Council)


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