by Felix Gabriel F. Balani

The Accountancy Division took first place for this year’s group dance showdown (GDS) today August, 13 2015, 11:30 am.

This is the third time the division won the Ateneo Fiesta’s GDS with veteran dancers Paolo delos Santos, Gio Maniwan, Eduardo Villamor Jr. and Datu Nur Ali Midtimbang.

Participants from the School of Engineering as well as the Business and Management division made third and second place respectively.

“As a division representative, pressured ako,” Ella Madoginog, the accountancy division representative, said.

According to Madoginog, for two years, the Accountancy Division were the champions however this year has a lot of good dance crews competing in the showdown.

Delos Santos was also allegedly sick before the performance.

When the emcee announced the champion, cheers were heard all over Martin Hall from the accountancy division and  the winning jaguar dancers hugged each other on stage.

“We are proud of our jaguars,” Madoginog said.

Last year the Accountancy Division also won with their dance tribute to parokya ni edgar.

For this GDS every group represented a social issue for their dance: cyber bullying, drugs, domestic violence, among others.

The Jaguars portrayed the issue of apathy.

Throughout the event, students from different divisions supported their own representatives banging drums, shouting cheers, and blowing whistles. 

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