The Ateneo de Davao University is a Jesuit institution. Its academic formation is governed by the Jesuit tradition of a well-rounded education for leadership and service in the concept of an Atenean as a “Person-for-Others”.

The Law School of the Ateneo de Davao University seeks to impart knowledge of the law; to inculcate professional ideals and attitudes; to develop professional skills such as logical analysis, counseling of clients, conduct of litigation, techniques of oral argument, negotiations and settlement, preparation of legal instruments; and to nurture the spirit of service rendered to the profession and to the public. On the whole, the College of Law strives to mold its students into excellent Christian lawyers.

The Ateneo de Davao was founded by the Society of Jesus upon the invitation of Msgr. Clovis Thibault, PME. They took over the St. Peter’s Academy, a parish grade and high school. The Ateneo High School opened in June 1948 in a wooden building located in a six hectare lot in Matina. In 1951, the College of Arts and Sciences opened in Jacinto Street.

Ten years later in June 1961, the Rector, Rev. Hudson Mitchell S.J. established the College of Law. The first students who enrolled in first year were only (16) sixteen. The first Dean of the College of Law was Atty. Leon M. Garcia, Jr. who headed it for two years (1961-63). He was followed by Atty. Epifanio E. Estrellado who had been in the faculty of the College of Arts and Sciences since 1952. Atty. Estrellado was the College Dean for 27 years (1963-1990), one of the longest serving deans in the history of the Philippine Association of Law Schools (PALS). In 1990, Atty. Hildegardo F. Iñigo, one of the first graduates of the College of Law and member of its faculty since 1967 assumed the position of Dean until his demise on September 27. 2007. At present, Atty. Manuel P. Quibod (IBP President – Davao City) is the Dean of the College of Law.

The first graduates of the Ateneo Law School took the bar examinations in 1965. As of SY 2007-2008, the law school has awarded the Bachelor of Laws degree to hundreds of graduates and has produced 837 lawyers. Throughout the years, the Law School has endeavored to produce competent Christian lawyers. Its graduates continue to distinguish themselves in private practice, government service, and professional organizations.

Eight graduates have been among the top ten Bar Examinees:
(1) Hildegardo F. Iñigo (8th Placer, 1966)
(2) Jesus G. Dureza (10th Placer, 1973)
(3) Ruben V. Abarquez (9th Placer, 1976)
(4) Aaron Philip B. Cruz (7th Placer, 1998)
(5) Randy Peter T. Ceniza (6th Placer, 1999)
(6) Arvin Dexter M. Lopoz (2nd Placer, 2000)
(7) Rogelio G. Largo (4th Placer, 2000)
(8) Melissa Romana P. Suarez (8th Placer, 2003)

Other graduates who performed admirably in the bar examinations were:
(1) Josefina M. Brandares (11th Placer, 1972)
(2) Rodolfo C. Rapista (19th Placer, 1973)
(3) Miriam E. Gonzaga (15th Placer, 1976)
(4) Agustin L. Nazareno (13th Placer, 1983)
(5) Martin T. Lu (16th Placer, 1986)
(6) Vincent Paul L. Montejo (12th Placer, 1991)
(7) Geraldine V. Quimosing-Tiu (18th Placer, 1996)
(8) Mariecris B. Colon (12th Placer, 1997)
(9) Anna Vanessa L. Angeles (17th Placer, 1998)
(10) Victoriano D. Alabastro (15th Placer, 2000)
(11) Rovyne G. Jumao-as (19th Placer, 2001)
(12) Lielanie C. Yangyang (12th Placer, 2002)
(13) Ruby M. Luy (9th Placer, 2007)

According to the Supreme Court of the Philippines, the Ateneo College of Law is ranked within the first (10) ten law schools of the Philippines in Bar Exam performance. The school has maintained this excellent distinction and tradition for many years.



I. Submit the following credentials to the Registrar’s Office:
a) Transcript of Records – Entire College Records/ College Graduate. Present your transcript to the said office for evaluation before taking the entrance exam.
b) Special Order (S.O.)
c) Honorable Dismissal
d) Birth Certificate (plus original for authentication)

Note: If coming from a State College or University submit a photocopy of diploma instead of special order. If Ateneo de Davao graduate – no need to submit a copy of special order & honorable dismissal.


All the above-mentioned requirements plus law school transcript.



Contact Information:

Atty. Manuel P. Quibod
Dotterweich Hall (formerly CocoFed Dormitory)
Tel +62 (82) 221.2411 local 8502
Fax No. +63 (82) 225.0770
Direct Line: +63 (82) 226.2279

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