Undergraduate Admission Process

All incoming first year and transfer applicants (both local and foreign) must secure an entrance examination application form (Form 1-QEAC) from the Admission and Aid Office, Jubilee Hall, Jacinto Campus. Submit the completed application form to the Admission Office. The testing fee for all applicants is PhP350.00. The Qualifying Examination for Ateneo de Davao University College (QEAC) covers the areas of Mathematics, English, and general intelligence. A notice of acceptance (NOA) can be claimed from the Admission and Aid five (5) days after the applicant has taken the examination. After receiving your NOA, submit the admission requirements (click here for International Students) to the Registration Committee (RegCom) of the Admission Office (Room J-301, 3rd Floor, Jubilee Hall) to process the enrolment and registration.

Step 1: Submit the complete admission requirements at Room J-301. If student is non-Filipino, student has to present Form ISM240 (Foreign Student Clearance to Register). This can be obtained from the Admission and Aid Office at J-301 after immigration papers and visas are verified by the University (look for Mr. Paterno Herbabuena). See admission requirements below:

General Admission Requirements for Filipino Students
General Admission Requirements for Students with Dual Citizenship (RA 9225)
General Admission Requirements for Non-Filipino Students

Take note of the document receiving counters at Room J-301:

New Student Counter – for high school graduates
Transfer Student Counter – for transfer student applicants
International Student Counter – for non-Filipino applicants

Note: Failure to submit all the required documents before the end of enrolment period will mean cancellation of your acceptance into the Ateneo. Accepted applicants will be enrolled upon submission of complete documents and passing the interview with the Department Chair. Confirmation of your allocated course program will be made on a first-come-first-served basis. Those who confirm after a course program is filled up have to accept a second choice.

Step 2: Secure the Admissions Profile (Form 20 for incoming first year/Form 20TR for transfer students), and OSA (Office of Student Affairs) Student Profile from the Admissions.

Step 3: Pay the processing fee at the University Cashier.

Step 4: Fill in the blank spaces of Form-20 (for incoming first year) or Form 20TR (for transferee), and the OSA Student Profile.

Step 5: Present your accomplished Form20 (or Form 20TR) and OSA profile forms to the person in-charge. If you are a transfer student (and not under probation), you can apply for credit transfer of units you have taken from other higher education institution subject to the rules on transfer credit. Kindly finish the credit transfer before you can be assessed of what courses (subjects) you will take in the coming semester. You will be advised on what will be the courses (subjects) that can be enrolled for the coming semester by the Department Chair. Usual system of evaluation following the retention policies, standards, and pre-requisite courses will be implemented.

Step 6: Proceed to your respective DEPARTMENT for further instruction and interview. Secure your printout containing your schedule and assessment. [Please refer at the back of your admission process form for your assigned Department]. Leave your Form 20 for incoming first year,(or Form 20TR for Transferees), and its attached documents with the Department Office. There will be four copies of the computer-generated Registration Form:

1st Copy: For the Registrar’s Office
2nd Copy: For the Student
3rd Copy: For Finance Office
4th Copy: For the Department

Step 7: Pay the necessary fees to the Cashier of Finance Office, Bellarmine Hall, Ground Floor. Your official printout of class schedule will be stamped “ENROLLED” by the cashier after payment. Keep your Official receipt.

(REMINDER: In case payment will not be made within the day, make sure you will be able to pay at least the required down-payment within the 72-hour limit after your subjects are encoded digitally, otherwise your enrolment slot will be erased and given to the next registrant.)

If you are a scholar in the University, you obtain the Grant Certification from Admission and Aid Office prior to assessment and payment of fees. Look for Ms. Devi Joy B. Migue-Barcena at Admission and Aid Office, 1st Floor, Jubilee Hall.

Step 8: Proceed to the GUIDANCE OFFICE, Ground Flr. Wieman Hall for Guidance Services Orientation. Bring 1×1 ID photo, photocopies of NOA from Admissions Director and your High School Report Card (for incoming first year),Transcript of Records (for transfer students), etc.

Step 9: Proceed to Rm F213, 2nd Floor,Finster Hall,for your official identification card, uniform type. Fill-out and submit the OSA Student Profile. Claim your OSA Kit that includes the Student Handbook and other announcement materials. Take note of the dates and schedule of new student orientation.