School Calendar


The tertiary school calendar follows a two term calendar. Each semester comprises five (5) months of classes equivalent to eighteen (18) weeks of sessions. The basic education (high school and grade school) follows an annual calendar that includes ten (10) months or forty (40) weeks of classes.

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SCHOOL YEAR 2015-2016



April 1-June 5       First Year Enrolment


May 25-26            SAS/SEA First YearOrientation Program


May 28- 29           SBG/SoN/SoE First Year Orientation Program


June 1                   General Faculty Meeting


June 1-5                Enrolment for 2nd/3rd/4th/5th Years


June 2                    Faculty Interdisciplinary Forum


June 2-­6                Faculty Induction


June 6                    Parents Meeting


June 6                    Orientation Program 1st Year Late Enrollees/ Transferees/ Returnees


June 8                    Beginning of the 1st Semester Classes


June 8-13              Adding & Dropping                                               


June 12                  Philippine Independence Day (Regular Holiday)


June 18                  Mass of the Holy Spirit


June 19                  School/Cluster/Department Orientation Day


June 24                  Ignatian Conversation


July 10                   University Lecture on Research


July 13-18             Preliminary / Advisory Exams


July 22                  Ignatian Conversation


July 25                  International Students Orientation Program


July 30                  Mass for the Solemnity of St. Ignatius of Loyola              


July 30                  Deadline for submission of Advisory Grades


July 31                  Dugong Bughaw Blood Letting Day


July 31                  Solemnity of St. Ignatius of Loyola


August 9              World Indigenous Peoples Day


August 13            Mass of the Assumption                          


August 13-15      Ateneo Fiesta


August 15            Solemnity of the Assumption of Our Lady (University Holiday)


August 21            Ninoy Aquino Day (Special Non-working Day)


August 24-29      Midterm Examinations


August 31            National Heroes Day (Regular Holiday)


September 1-30   Atenista Ako…Maligdong!


September 10-11 Theology Days


September 11       Deadline for submission of Midterm grades


September 16       GAWAD: Gabi ng Parangal


September 18       Social Conscientization on Good Governance/Integrity


September 21       International Day of Peace / Martial Law Commemoration Day


September 21-25 First Year Course Fair


September 23       Ignatian Conversation


September 26       PE Day


October 2             World Teachers’ Day


October 5-10        Final Exams


October 11           Start of Semestral Break


October 16           Deadline for submission of Final Grades






October 29-Nov. 5        Enrolment for the 2nd Semester


November 1                   All Saints Day (Special Non-working Day)


November 2                   All Souls Day (Additional Special Non-working Day)


November 9                   Beginning of the 2nd Semester Classes


November 9-13             Adding & Dropping


November 14                Orientation Program for Transferees/New Students/Returnees


November 14                Opening of Intramurals


November 14-Jan.15     Intramurals


November 18                 Ignatian Conversation


November 19                 Mass for Our Dear Departed


November 25                 International Day of Elimination of Violence Against Women


Nov 26-Dec.2                Mindanao Week of Peace


November 27                 Social Conscientization on Inter-faith and Inter-cultural Dialogue


November 30                 Bonifacio Day (Regular Holiday)


December 1                   World AIDS Day


December 8                   Mass for the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception (Regular                                               Working Day)      


December 9                   International Day Against Corruption


December 10                  International Human Rights Day


December 14-19            Preliminary/Advisory Exam


December 15                  Advent Recollection (Formation Cluster)


December 18                  University Christmas Celebration/University Service Awards


December 20                  Start of Christmas Vacation


December 25                  Christmas Day (Regular Holiday)


December 30                  Rizal Day (Regular Holiday)


December 31                  Last Day of the Year (Special Non-working Day)


January 1, 2016              New Year’s Day (Regular Holiday)


January 4                        Resumption of the 2nd Semester Classes


January 20                      Ignatian Conversation


January 14                      Deadline for submission of Preliminary/Advisory Grades


January 15                      Reading of Honors


January 18                     University Lecture on Research


January 27                     Viewfinder (SAMAHAN)


January 29                     CCO General Assembly


February 1-6                 Midterm Exam for Graduating and Undergraduate Students


February 10                   Ignatian Conversation


February 12-13             Job Fair


February 15                  Mass in celebration of the Festival of Excellence (College Days)


February 15-20            Festival of Excellence (College Days)


February 18                  Deadline for submission of Midterm Grades for Graduating                                                    and Non-graduating Students


February 20                  Recognition Night


February 22- 27           Business Week


February 25                  EDSA Revolution Anniversary (Special Holiday)


March 5                        PE Night for PE 2


March 7-9                    Final Exams of Graduating Students


March 8                        International Women’s Day


March 12                      NSTP Graduation


March 14-22                Final Exams of Undergraduate Students


March 15                      Deadline for submission of Final Grades for Graduating Students


March 16                      Araw ng Dabaw


March 18                      UCEAC Festival


March 22                      World Water Day


March 23-April 6          Ateneo Student Exposure Program (ASEP)


March 24                      Holy Thursday


March 25                      Good Friday


March 26                      Black Saturday


March 27                      Start of Semestral Break


March 31                      Deadline for submission of Final Grades for Undergraduate Students


April 1                          Baccalaureate Mass


April 2                          Graduation Day




     SUMMER 2016 


April 4-8                       Faculty Inductee Exposure Program (IndEx)


April 6 -8                      Summer Enrolment


April 9                           Araw ng Kagitingan (Regular Holiday)


April 11                         Beginning of Summer Classes


April 11-12                   Adding & Dropping


April 22                         Earth Day


May 1                            Labor Day         


May 22                          Summer Break


UPDATED AS OF March 5, 2015

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