PAASCU Visits the College Next Week

The Philippine Accrediting Association of Schools, Colleges, and Universities (PAASCU) will visit the college next week in two stages: March 4-5 and 7-8. The first stage will be a visit to the Liberal Arts, Sciences, Business, Accountancy, Education, Social Work, and Nursing. The second visit will cover Engineering, Information Technology, and Information Management.

There are three kinds of surveys going on simultaneously. Nursing, Computer Engineering, and Electronics Engineering will be undergoing a preliminary survey. This is an initial visit of the PAASCU for these programs by which the said programs will be given recommendations to work on. They will then undergo a formal survey after the recommendations have been fulfilled.

The Information Technology and Information Management will be undergoing such a formal survey. They had their preliminary survey in March 2010. If the IT and IM programs do well, they will then be given an initial accredited status. The rest of the areas will be undergoing what is called a Level Three resurvey. If the school still earns accreditation on this level this time around, it will be qualified to apply for Level Four in the next visit five years from now.

Ateneo de Davao received its first accreditation from PAASCU in 1969. It would continue to receive recognition through the decades. Then, in 2009, PAASCU granted the school Institutional Accreditation, given to only five other universities in the country, for:

“the University’s long tradition of exemplary accomplishments in the areas of instruction, research, and community service and high performance of its graduates in government licensure examinatons; for the laudable practices leading to internal efficiency and external productivity; for it meritorious record of excellence as evidenced by the high level of performance of program accreditation and effective assurance mechanisms.”

Culture and Tradition

Ateneo Fiesta
The University Community celebrates it vibrancy in sports and arts during the Feast of our Lady of Assumption, the patroness of the University.

College Days
The College Community has its days of celebrations on the last quarter of the school year. It boasts the traditional Awitenista and other cultural competitions.

Fortes in Fide
In giving themselves to the world and serving others in unique capacities, students, faculty, professionals, and administrators at the Ateneo also enhance personal growth and learning, and move ever closer to being stronger in faith (fortes in fide).

Men and Women for Others
Members of the Ateneo Community are men and women for others, serving the marginalized and the vulnerables in excellence and and in service of God.