Ateneo Communications Team

The Ateneo Communications Team (from hereon known as Comms Team) is an organization under the Office of Student Affairs that will cater to the needs of the university to produce multimedia products and collaterals to promote its core values as well as its advocacies.

The Comms Team will also put together marketing and advertorial plans for the long term promotion of advocacies espoused by the Vision & Mission of the University.

The Comms Team will also be an additional multimedia production team for the Institutional Promotions Office.

The resulting productions are intended for external advertising to promote the Ateneo as the premier choice for holistic education in Davao City and in Mindanao.

The Comms Team will undergo extensive and continuing training following a program set by the directors of the team. The training program will consist of values formation and skills-improvement. The values formation program is intended to further instill in the members the core values of the Ateneo as well as impart the values of teamwork, integrity, and collaboration, among many others.

The skills-improvement training is intended to enhance the members’ skill set in relation to the specific roles and jobs they have in the team. This is done because we acknowledge and realize that talents are gifts to be developed not for self- satisfaction or self-again, but rather, with the help of God for the good of the human community.

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