University Faculty Development

This program is devoted to helping faculty of Ateneo de Davao University gain expertise in service-learning. The opportunities for faculty development include graduate and post-graduate studies, workshops, seminars and attendance of conferences. Below are descriptions of some of the initiatives and how you can apply for these resources.


Download Faculty Development Form: Click Here to Download Form 

- Submit the application form to the Office of the University President together with the necessary documents and recommendations before the set deadline.

Deadline of Application Submission

- January 31 for first semester/ summer study
- July 31 for second semester study

Application materials submitted after the deadline are usually scheduled to be decided in the next cycle of application.


Attendance to Seminars and Workshops
Research Paper Presentation
Public Lecture
Institutional Research Project
Faculty Development Research Project

- Faculty shall submit a letter of request to attend a seminar or workshop to the unit head (Dean, Principal, Headmaster) duly endorsed by the Department Coordinator, Program Director, and Division Chair. The following must be attached to the letter:

(1) Request for Travel/ to Attend Seminar Form
(2) Invitation or program
(3) Estimated budget of expenses. Budget should be within the the range of per diem allocation of the Finance Office.
(4) If presenting a scientific paper, an abstract and a copy of the paper should be submitted to the University Committee on Research and Publication for endorsement.

C. CHED-HEDP Faculty Development Program

The CHED-HEDP Faculty Development Program seeks to improve the quality of higher education in the Philippines by upgrading the academic qualifications of tertiary faculty to master’s and doctorate degrees in certain priority fields.

Scholarship grants are mostly for master’s programs on a part-time non-thesis mode. A limited number of scholarships are available for the full-time non-thesis master’s, master’s with thesis, and doctorate degrees, as well as the one year Ph.D. sandwich dissertation grants abroad. 

The scholarship provides full tuition and other fees, a monthly stipend, book allowance, transportation allowance for those coming from distant places, as well as thesis and dissertation grants. Sending Higher Education Institutions (SHEI) may also apply for substitute assistance in the case of faculty who are on full-time study grants.

To qualify, applicants must be Filipino, full-time tertiary faculty members in any of the Commission on Higher Education’s (CHED) priority SHEIs, and teaching in any of the following priority fields: English, Information Technology, Mathematics, Natural Sciences (Biology, Chemistry, Physics), Social Sciences (History, Economics, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, & Anthropology), and Engineering. Scholarship applicants must first secure admission to an accredited delivering institution. Qualified faculty who are already enrolled in the accredited delivering institution may also apply for the scholarship. The Ateneo de Davao University is an accredited delivering institution for these scholarships.

Interested applicants may get more information at the Office of the Associate Dean for Graduate Programs or log on to (Click on Projects).

Note: Faculty development Grants under the Commission on Higher Education for non-Ateneo faculty can be inquired from the Graduate School of School of Arts and Sciences. Please contact +63 (82) 221.2411 local 8403 and look for Dr. Marlina C. Lacuesta, Ph.D., Assistant Dean of Graduate School.

Suggested Links

Suggested Links

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