Ateneo College Admission Test (ACAT)

For Undergraduate Programs

Ateneo de Davao University requires college entrance exams to measure and compare the student’s ability to college-level work with other student applicants from various schools. It is also an instrument designed to measure potential college performance, block section category, remedial class participation, and scholarship qualification.

Entrance exams are not the only criteria the Admission Committee looks at for consideration. It also looks at the student’s academic performance in high school, submitted application materials with essays, recommendations, interviews and the student’s extra-curricular activities.

However, the Ateneo College Admission Test (ACAT) is an initial key measurement for admission into the University; so student applicants should prepare thoroughly so that they can perform well during the examinations.

For more information about ACAT, please read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).


Schedule of regular on-campus tests for Second Semester 2014-2015 is handled by the Admission and Aid Office (usually every Saturday, subject to availability of slots), for more information, please call +63 (82) 221.2411 local 8303 or email


Every Saturday starting 10 January 2015
Morning: 7:30AM-12NN

Exam Venue: Guidance Office

Please follow the steps on application to take the Ateneo College Admission Test (ACAT). You can only sit in the scheduled examinations after your examination permit is issued and confirmed by the Admission staff (see Step 5 below). Some applicants and their parents inquire by phone of the available exam dates. Please be informed that exam schedule availability changes once the slots are filled up. To assure of a reserved seat in the exam, applicants must file ACAT Form at the Admission Office.

Click here to view other satellite/ off-campus testing centers.

Applicants are advised to process ahead of time or at least a day before their application to take the examinations in order to facilitate reservation as examination slots per day are limited.

The following are the requirements for the admission test:

Step 1: Fill out the Application Form for Ateneo College Admission Test (FORM 1-ACAT). This can be obtained from the Admission Office 8AM-5PM, Monday-Friday or download a PDF copy here.Form with incomplete information will not be processed.

Step 2: Attach two (2) copies of 2×2 photos to the form, as specified.

Step 3: Pay Php350 at the University Cashier – Window 11 (Ground Floor, Bellarmine Hall). Bring your validated Form 1-ACAT with the official receipt of payment to the Admission Office.

Step 4: After verification, Admission Staff will schedule you based on the available examination dates. (Note: The applicant has to appear in person to the Admission staff.) FORM 1-ACAT must be submitted at least a day before the examination subject to the availability of slots.

Step 5: Examination permit will be issued by the Admission Staff.


ACAT IDENTIFICATION POLICY: You must submit and will only be admitted to the testing room/ center if you have a valid exam permit and an acceptable form of identification (ID). An acceptable form of ID must be current and original (government issued or otherwise) that contains the examinee’s name as it appears on the exam permit, and the examinee’s photograph. All of these must be demonstrated by this single piece of ID provided. Examples include, but not limited to a passport, driver’s license, school ID, etc. Any examinee who does not provide an acceptable form of identification may not be allowed to sit for the exam.

Step 6: Bring your validated examination permit and Official Receipt (OR) and ID.

Step 7: Bring pencil (lead No. 2), eraser and pencil sharpener, valid identification cards (with photo) for verification purposes.

Step 8: Be at the examination room at least thirty (30) minutes before the start of the test.

Late examinees will be not allowed to take the test. They are advised to re-schedule their test dates subject to the availability of slots. An applicant can only re-schedule his/ her examination once. Filing of a new application form is necessary if the applicant fails to take the examination after the re-schedule.


Filipino Applicants
The Notice of Acceptance (NOA) or Notice of Non-Acceptance must be claimed in person by the applicant at the Admission Office four (4) working days after the examination. Kindly bring your receipt or any valid identification card. If someone else is claiming the NOA, an authorization letter signed by the applicant must be submitted to the Admission Office. The bearer should also present any of her/his identification papers or card.

International Student Applicants
The applicant shall first be interviewed by the Foreign Student Admission Officer four (4) days after the examination. Please schedule an appointment with the Office ahead of time. Afterwhich the Notice of Acceptance (NOA) or Notice of Non-Acceptance must be claimed in person by the foreign student applicant at the Admission Office. All admission requirements for international student applicants or non-Filipino applicants will be submitted to the Admissions Office before the applicant can be registered or enrolled in the University. A valid visa is needed before enrollment.

For more information, please contact:

Jubilee Hall
Ateneo de Davao University
Roxas Avenue, 8016 Davao City
Tel +63 (82) 221.2411 local 8302/ 8303
Fax +63 (82) 226.4116