Registration Process - Cross Enrollment


Note: This is for student applicants who come from another school and wish to cross-enroll at Ateneo de Davao University some academic courses allowed by their school.

1. Approval of the University Registrar:
Bring your Permit to Cross Enroll to the Office of the Registrar (1st Floor Canisius Hall) for approval. The Permit is signed by your school's Registrar specifying courses that are permitted to be cross-enrolled in the University (cf. Manual of Regulations for Private Higher Education). 

2. Processing Fee Payment:
Applicant pays a nonrefundable P150.00 processing fee (DCB: Admissions) at the University Cashier (1st Floor Bellarmine).

3. Admission Office Staff:
Present Official Receipt of processing fee payment to the Admission Staff. The Admissions Staff will also verify the approval of the University Registrar, and thereafter issues Form 20CE (Application for Admission as Cross Registrant). Applicant fills out the form completely and presents the same to the Admission and Aid Director. After the Director signs the form, the applicant will be asked/ advised to proceed to the specified Department for registration in a particular course or courses.

4. Approval of Department Chair:
The Department Chair determines the availability of the courses requested. If courses are available, the Chair signs this form. 

5. Assistant Dean:
The Assistant Dean concurs with the Chair's recommendations that courses are available for cross enrollment. The Chair advises the student for registration and enrollment (encoding of designated course code).

6. Encoding Staff/ Enrollment:
The Encoder registers the student in a particular course or courses as approved by the Chair of the Department. He/ she issues the Registration Form (white print out) specifying the schedule and classroom of the course(s). Blue Form is issued, applicant fills out the form. He/ she advises student to proceed to the University Finance Office (1st Floor Bellarmine Hall) for payment of appropriate fees.

7. University Cashier:
Cashier signs this form after full payment is received. Registration Form is stamped enrolled.

8. I.D. At Student Affairs:
A temporary identification card is issued by the Office of Student Affairs (1st Floor Canisius). ID processing may be located at the Mini-Auditorium, 1st Floor Gisbert Hall or in a designated area by OSA.

For late registration, please go here.

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