University Seal

Official University Seal


The two top panels of the shield represent Davao. The gold and silver inverted crossed keys against a light blue background represent St. Peter, patron of Davao parish church (now Cathedral). The light blue background represents Our Lady, patroness of the Philippines and of the Ateneo de Davao University (under the title of the Assumption of Our Lady). The green mountain peaks in the other panel represent Mt. Apo and its neighboring peaks, clearly visible from Davao City.

The two lower panels of the shield are the family arms of the founder of the Society of Jesus, St. Ignatius of Loyola of the House of Onaz y Loyola. The seven red and gold stripes represent the seven sons of the House of Onaz who fought under their king for the liberties of the Christians in Spain. The wolves-and-pot (lobos y olla) are a pun on the family name Loyola.

The crest above the shield is a silver medallion containing the monogram of the Society of Jesus: IHS are the first three letters of the name Jesus in Greek; the cross and the nails recall His passion and death as savior of mankind. The Latin motto Fortes in Fide (Strong in the Faith") is from 1 Peter 5, 9. It is also the burden of a passage from St. Paul's letter to the Ephesians: Eph. 5, 10-20.


Note: The use of the University Seal, per Articles and By-Laws as well as school regulations of the Ateneo de Davao University is solely for official transactions and correspondence. Student organizations and others should ask permission from the Office of the President prior to publication or any other form of usage of the official seal. Unauthorized publication or any other form of usage may result to legal action from the University.


Davao Medical School Foundation
In consortium with San Pedro College, San Pedro Hospital, Brokenshire Hospital and the Development of Peoples' Foundation, the Ateneo co-founded the Davao Medical School Foundation in 1976 as a separate institution to train medical doctors in Mindanao.

For more than four decades now, the Ateneo College Scholarship Program for deserving but financially needy students continues to thrive - thanks to the many generous benefactors who have extended much needed and appreciated help.